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To improve customer experience in your software environment while maximizing operational efficiency and increasing revenues. Most industry experts agree that the least customers see of the software licensing experience and the back office applications the better!

LicensingLive 2012:

Licensing for Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

LicensingLive 2012

Recorded at LicensingLive where Rob May from Opsview shared best practices for optimizing your software licensing environment and his journey to back office integration with

There is a strong connection between the technology that generates and manages your software licensing and entitlements and the applications that manage and run your business. Without connecting these systems, tedious, manual work is necessary to associate customers, orders, and fulfillment information with their respective license entitlements.

Learn how Sentinel EMS Back-Office Integration can significantly increase your revenue while allowing you to reduce the time and effort required in associating CRM, ERP and other back-office system information with your software entitlement management products.

Getting this done is like winning the jackpot!

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Future-proofing Your Authentication Infrastructure

Sentinel EMS
Back-Office Integration Service

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Integrating Mobile Devices into Your Authentication Strategy

Improving Your Customer Experience with Sentinel EMS

Feature Brief

Hardware or Software Authentication?

Reaching Business Objectives and Company Goals with Sentinel EMS

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